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      Unified Kernel


      As a Zephyr developer, I would like a unified and more complete kernel API with optimized performance, so that I don't have to choose between the nanokernel or the microkernel when developing applications.

      The Zephyr dual-kernel model is confusing for some, and is somewhat harder to use than traditional cookie-cutter RTOS kernels by even experienced developers. Also, while the nanokernel performances for both footprint and speed of execution (context-switch time, latency, etc.), the microkernel could be improved on both fronts.


      • Non-intuitive nature of the nanokernel/microkernel split
      • Double-context switch affecting kernel performance (speed and footprint)
      • Duplication of object types between the nanokernel and microkernel
      • System initialization running in the idle task

      Proposed Improvements:

      • Make the nanokernel 'pre-emptible thread' aware
      • Unify fibers and tasks as one type of threads by dropping the Microkernel server
      • Allow cooperative threads to operate on all types of objects
      • Clarify duplicated object types
      • Create a new, more streamlined API, without any loss of functionality


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